Family Rates

A unique adventure for all the family. $288 FAMILY PASS

So, the family that plays together stays together hey? It's true though isn't it?

At the end of the day getting up off the couch, out the house and having an adventure has got to beat sitting inside and going stir crazy.

Well. there are no more excuses because we've got the package built around family fun.

It's a huge discount and means the next time you're at a loss for something to do you can grab the kids and give the whole family an experience they will never forget.

With our Climb Leader's expert commentary on the construction of the Story Bridge and the history of Brisbane, you might even learn something along the way!

Valid for any available day and night climbs.

familyIncludes up to four people, with one or two adults. Children must not climb without an adult companion. Every group of 3 children must be accompanied by a minimum of 1 adult. Extra perons can be added at special rates call 1300 254 627 for details. Children aged between 10-16 years old and minimum 130cm height.
For more information and bookings, please contact our Reservations Centre on

1300 CLIMBS (1300 254 627)

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Gift Certificates

A Story Bridge Adventure Climb gift certificate will surprise & delight. Let them experience Brisbane with a unique adventure anyone can enjoy!


“I have often looked up at the construction and
thought to myself how lovely it would be to climb it.
So when I had the chance I jumped at it and the experience was fantastic. Such a great view from the top ......was exhilarating.”

Leown Russell | Read More Testimonials

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