Brisbane's beautiful sub-tropical climate is mild with clear sunny days most of the year round.

Every day is different however and that is the beauty of Story Bridge Adventure Climb.

If the sky's blue with the sun glinting off the glass of the high rise buildings you see the city one way, if the clouds are low with the rain sweeping in, it's as if the city is wearing a cloak and you see it from a totally different perspective.

There are limitless ways to experience Brisbane and the weather is an integral part of that experience.

Worried about electrical storms? Relax - we know what we're doing! Thanks to the latest cutting edge technology, comprehensive training and communication with Brisbane's Bureau of Meteorology, the SBAC team always know what's going on.

Most of the time, this type of weather can actually enhance the experience as the storms sweep spectacularly to the north and south of the city, putting a light show that outshines the most spectacular of fireworks displays. But, our expert climb leaders also know when it is not the right time to climb and will notify you immediately should this be the case.

Please Note:

All Climbers must still arrive for their scheduled climb booking regardless of current weather conditions at that point in time. SBAC wherever possible will notify you only if a climb is not to take place due to weather and/or any unforeseen conditions and/or circumstances. If it is raining please bring some dry clothes for after the climb - just in case!

For the latest Brisbane weather updates please visit

Gift Certificates

A Story Bridge Adventure Climb gift certificate will surprise & delight. Let them experience Brisbane with a unique adventure anyone can enjoy!


“I have often looked up at the construction and
thought to myself how lovely it would be to climb it.
So when I had the chance I jumped at it and the experience was fantastic. Such a great view from the top ......was exhilarating.”

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